Monday, 3 December 2018

For those of you who missed my Beauty gift guide, have a look over here. This gift guide is anything non-Beauty related that I think would make a fab gift. As always, nothing is sponsored, just things I would love for myself :)

I have also tried to keep the prices relatively low, with the odd luxury gift in-between. I hope this can give you some good ideas.

1) Alexa Lily Weekly Edit - R480 (link)
2) Aesop Room Spray - R760 (link)
3) Babylonstoren Green Fig Preserve - R150 (link)
4) Country Road Polka Dot Neck or Hair scarf - R399 (link)
5) Sweetpeas Handmade Sandals - R795 (link)
6) ECoffee Cup - R259 (link)
7) CarryAnn Olivia Bag - R995 (link)
8) Dear Rae - Rhythm Bracelet in Brass - R490 (link)
9) Oud & Rooibos Large Babylonstoren Candle - R380 (link)
10) Hendricks Gin - R359 (link)
11) Ottelenghi Simple Recipe book - R355 on promo (link)
12) Country Road Ado Grinder - R499 each (link)
13) Espidril Mr Black - R850 (link)
14) Lazy Cow Soothing Diffuser - R795 (link)
15) A Sweet Lion Heart Workshop experience - from R2350 (link)
16) Virgin Territory Olive Oil - R159 (link)
17) Summah Co Turkish Towel - R540 (link)
18) Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and other lies) - R305 (link)
19) Food Prep Bowls - R229 for 4 (link)

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