#ChangeYourSkin - 5 Chosen Ladies

Monday, 15 June 2015

After reading and re-reading all your great comments (and some e-mails) I have chosen the below 5 ladies to help me test out the 3 Kiehl's products for the 28 day #ChangeYourSkin challenge.

As mentioned, I will also be hosting an event with Kiehl's where I will be inviting different readers (not these 5 ladies) and you will also receive full size products to test, so please keep an eye open for that.

I have mailed all 5 ladies, and will need to hear back from them by latest tomorrow eve (end of day), else I will re-select:
Natalie Magnus
Ava Starr
Falon Harris
Elizabeth Bishop
Kristi Beitz

Ladies, please check your mail and respond with details asap. Well done and I look forward to the next month of testing products and seeing great results!

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