Olive and June: I want to go here/own this

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I either want to own this salon or go and visit it every single day. What an amazing concept.
Olive & June is a luxury nail salon in Beverly Hills that I came across online a while back and every time I go for my usual Mani and Pedi (every second week) I think how amazing the experience would be if it were at a place like this. I must say, I do feel super frustrated at times with the level of service we get at times, especially when the treatments are so pricey. That is a story for a different day though.

What I love so much about this salon, other than the beautiful layout and décor, is how incredibly personalised the experience is. They say, “We make it our business to know if you like to have your cuticles pushed back, drink coffee or tea, or if you’ve committed to Geranium on your toes.” 
How amazing?!

See some pics below:

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  1. I think SA level of service is impeccable in comparison to what you get in the UK. I can never wait to get back home to have a mani/pedi....! xx