This & That

Having studied beauty and worked in the industry, my promise to myself and my readers has always been to provide you with honest, reliable, informed information. Below are a number of factors I always keep in mind and promise to always stick to on KBT:

I will never do a review on a brand/product that I have not tried and tested first-hand , and if I haven't given it a try I will let you know about it (although it's unlikely that it will feature).

I will never partner with brands that don't fit into Kiss, Blush and Tell. The brands I partner with or speak of will always be one's that I have used and been loyal to for awhile.

I will always tell the truth about my experience with the products/brands, so my readers are always fully informed. Adding to this, when sent media packs I am under no obligation to write a review if I feel the experience was not up to standard.

I will always be available to my readers for any queries, beauty advice or general info - I have always maintained this and (as my readers know) love a good chat over Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.