Charlotte Tilbury Obsession

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Last night I watched the latest Charlotte Tilbury tutorial on Victoria Beckham’s Allure cover look and naturally ended up adding the entire product range to my ‘To Buy List’. I then went onto her online store, added them to my basket and realised I would most probably have to sell my soul so, sadly, I removed the unnecessary and plan on visiting the counter when I’m in London soon as I’ve never tried anything from the brand. Top of my list has to be the Magic Cream and the Amber Haze Colour Chameleon!

If you want to see more tutorials from Charlotte Tilbury you can subscribe to her YouTube channel here, she really is the ultimate beauty guru.
Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze - 19 pounds and Magic Cream - 70 pounds


  1. That before and after is pretty amazing!

  2. Am going in a couple weeks can bring you back a magic cream if you want.

    1. Thanks Shahnaz, you so kind but I'm heading there in 2 months so want to try it out (and save my pennies!). Have a good trip xxx

  3. Tori, my friend Marilyn lives in Camps Bay is going to be here next week. Let me know if you want me to send a small parcel back with her. x