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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I did some more shopping with Style36. I actually want to write these guys a letter to tell them how awesome their service is. From start to finish, plus all the people you do encounter along the way are just so human in the sense that you are addressed by your name and everything is so efficient and seamless.
This time I spoilt myself to two (more) Stila products. I promise to stop just buying this brand, firstly because I think I nearly have the complete range (no lies) and secondly, I’m sure you all dying to hear about the other great brands Style36 have. These two were too good to miss though, and thanks to all of you for your recommendations!

So I bought this one not really knowing what it was. I just knew I liked Stila’s balms. I am not sure if I am using this correctly, but basically this product can be used alone or as a primer-like product. It adds a nice sheen of coverage (very light) and mainly aims to make your skin look unbelievably smooth and wrinkle free. It claims it actually reduces wrinkle depth by 84%! I love this under my foundation for a night out. It makes my skin looks incredibly even and blemish free and helps with any redness (or bar rash!). Oh, and it smells divine too.

I have been lusting after this for ages and been quite nervous as it could not be a brighter pink so was unsure how it would look on my skin. Anyway, before my purchase I headed over to the trusty Make-up Alley site and the reviews for glowing!! You need a tiny but on you brush and can build this blush up to your heart’s content. The colour adapts according to your skin and gives a really natural pretty pink glow. I am all about blushed, rosey pink cheeks. Treat yourself ladies, it also makes a great gift!

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