My Interior Design course so far

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

So I am closing on half way through my Interior Design course with GetSmarter and learning so, so much. Quite a few of my readers have asked what my reason for choosing this course was and my answer is that there are two reasons: firstly I work in retail and more specifically my job has a bug focus on homeware so thought this would be really useful for that and then obviously for my personal knowledge with both my home and Kiss, Blush and Tell. Loads of you know that I studied beauty which makes me comfortable to review products with a solid background knowledge and I wanted the same for the décor aspect of the blog, so expect loads more once I am a graduate!

This past week we covered all the basics in the shell of a home from walls and floors to ceilings and spaces. I had no idea how much there was to learn in this regard and how these things can effect a room. Expenses aside, these are sometimes quick fixes to turn a room around. We are so often caught up in the fun part (decorating aspect) and forget about the basics of a room that can completely change the whole feel. These are the basics and in my mind if you don’t have these right the room will never have that feel you are after, no matter how many beautiful pictures you hang or how much furniture you buy.

Here are a few rooms that I think work really well for one of the above:

Walls that make a room work:

Floors that make a room work:

Ceilings that make a room work:

Image source here, here and here.

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