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Thursday, 6 December 2012

I have missed three weeks of Things I love (which is no surprise), but here we go...
Dior Addict Lip Glow - worlds best lip plumper ever. Bought this for a small fortune in Duty Free and just love it! 
Just because it's summer :) 
I eventually got around to tidying up my ribbon box and wrapping it around the bobbins I got (after searching everywhere)

I am trying really hard to master flower arranging so am forcing myself to buy a variety of flowers from my local flower-seller on upper Orange. I think I'm slowly improving but hoping this is something I can keep practising so I am a genius flower arranger one day.

Great Gatsby at Spier - I love that summer allows for outdoor events like this. Ticked this event off my list. It was laid out beautifully and the food was great, a really nice treat. 

Caribbean Tan's range is just divine and I am busy trying out a few of the products that I hadn't tried before. Always been a fan so nice to try them all :) Especially now when I am far too pasty!

My ghd Air - this is my pride and joy. A full review will be up soon :)

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