My intro to Inglot

Monday, 17 September 2012

This is a brand that I have never actually tried before and always been intrigued by. I think 'Inglot' and I just think absolutely endless colour selection - I was certainly right about that much!

I got invited to pop into the store the other day and was gifted with a R1000 voucher to spend as I wanted. What more could a girl ask for, seriously?

The brand has become famous for their well-know Duraline products, which is basically a liquid like formula that you can add to any of their colour pigments to make anything from lipstick to liquid liner. I thought about getting one of these but with me being a bit of a bore when it comes to my make up, I decided to play it safe :)

This is what I went for:
The awesome Nail Art Enamel in white, the cherry Lipstick, the Face and Body Bronzer, the Face and Body Illuminator, the Face Blush and the Eyebrow Brush
I have actually really enjoyed each and every one of these so far and used them consistently. The Face and Body bronzer looks really dark here but gives the skin a great tint and can imagine it will be a firm favourite through summer when I at least have a bit of a tan. I have also used the brow brush on a daily basis as was in desperate need of one of these anyway. The other four I am going to elaborate on as they are a little but more exciting and innovative and less self explanatory (like the brush and bronzer).

The Nail Art Enamel {in white - 29}
I have had my eye on this for ages as you all know how I love playing around with nail colours. A reader had actually told me about this before as well as my cousin in Australia, so this was the one I went for straight away. I certainly do need practice, but already been playing around a bit. It has two options for application - either the Tippex-like nib or the ultra-fine brush. I thought the nib was easier to work with, just be sure you have a tissue at hand for any blobs.
Polka dot nails
The Cherry Lipstick {number 44}
This colour is so lovely as, while being a bold red, it has an underlying pink colour to it. I have already worn this a few times and the colour stays really well. You may need hydration though as I found it a bit dry, so I used a lip balm as a base. Also love the packaging - very solid and feels very luxurious.
The pretty pink blush {number 36}
This was a real win as I am completely and utterly obsessed with my NARS Angelika blusher which I dropped on the floor and shattered a while back (as I mentioned before). It was such a soft pink and had the amazing fine glitter particles in it... And then I found this! It's awesome, super-pigmented (I have to learn to hold back here) plus a fraction of the price. Isn't it lovely?
My Inglot blush

NARS Angelika
Thanks so much for the spoils Inglot!

Image source my own and here

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