My beauty storage tips

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I have been asked a number of times to share how I store my beauty products and make up and it is one of those things that I am constantly trying to stay on top of. I really try not be a cluttery kind of person but really do have a ridiculous amount of beautiful products that I simply have to keep :)

These are a few ways in which I keep my bathroom clutter-free and display my products nicely because have the joy of owning beautiful things is displaying them so you can admire all day long :)

Jars are the best way to store anything small and pretty like nail varnishes and you can create a pretty display this way - also a nice idea for lip glosses but shouldn't be used for something that you need access to on a daily basis as quite tedious getting your favourite nail colour from the bottom of a full jar :)

Spice rack:
I am on the look out for a perspex spice rack to display my nail colours like in the salons, I just love this idea and think it adds colours and fun to a girly bathroom.

Empty candle jars:
These work well for holding eye/lip pencils and make up brushes. I also use a ceramic toothbrush holder that I got from Wild Olive and it looks lovely and keeps brushes from getting icky - my worst.

Big baskets/box:
This is a nice way to keep the chunky not-so-prettily packaged stuff that you use on a daily basis like deodrant and basic body creams. You can access it easily and it keeps everything out of the way and in one place.

Pretty tray:
This is a nice way to display pretty perfumes and jewellery (which can be kept in a ceramic bowl). This also works well for displaying lovely scented candles, like my favourite Diptyque!

Finish the room off with a basic little flower arrangement or pretty succulent - it makes such a difference to a room where you spend time getting ready each morning.

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  1. Love this post! Especially the jars! Also just very smart practical tips :)

    1. Thanks Lee, love hearing feedback like that :)

  2. What amazing ideas!! love it all!!! =)