A few of my Instagrams

Friday, 31 August 2012

This is my second post of my Instagrams (you can see my first one here) - just sharing a few things I have been up to lately or simply pretty pictures that I have taken on my phone :)

Sorting out my beauty cupboards at home 
Lunch at Queen of Tarts in Obs - see website here

Completely and utterly addicted to this.
Ombre nails. Don't worry, this was just to swatch colours - didn't leave the house like this :)

Paris trip planning - less than a month until 4 days of Paris Fashion Week :) :) and three weeks of holiday

Note making and nail painting in the afternoon sun
Breakfast at Tasha's with family

Red velvet and black cherry cupcakes 
Summer shoots at work

My new NARS pallete
Presents from Woolworths - what a treat! Post to follow soon

New Bobbi Brown concealers and eye shadow 

Post to come on my make up brushes

My beautiful Anna-Louise pj's - super comfy!


  1. I am beyond jealous of your nail collection.

  2. The only thing I notice is the Essie, Essie, Essie... I sure wish they would have the Spring collection on retail already :(