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Monday, 13 August 2012

These are a few pics of what I've been up to of late. Going to make this kind of post a weekly thing, as often I don't link my Instagram to Twitter, so this is a way of sharing some of it with you.
Flower arranging has become a new hobby of mine (I know I sound 70), but I always have flowers in my home and my Granny used to be a flower-arranging-Queen so figured I would start playing around as I know it's not nearly as easy as it looks. This is another of my attempts with loads of different flowers - nice and summery in my home :) The practice certainly needs to continue though...
Took this pic while walking around the reservoir in Gardens on Sunday on the most beautiful eve! (last weekend)
My Sunday eve dinner party of poussin (baby chicken) wrapped in bacon served with a chickpea salad and sweet potato, butternut and truffle oil grilled vegetables.

Macaroons at Hyde Park's Tasha's LeParc - so pretty. We had a girls breakfast while in JHB for a hen's party with school friends - possibly one of the best breakfasts ever, absolutely nothing like boarding school friends :) Best!
My ceramic candelabras from Milnerton Market for R10 each!!! Win
Sunrise from my flat during the week
Finally made my way to Loading Bay for their truffle chips and a salad (I know, weird combo) but these are unreal.


  1. those candlesticks are amazing and such a steal! am beyond jealous!

    1. I know - what a bargain. That place is such a hit and miss, but when the man said R10 each I nearly fell over :)

  2. Yum! Truffle chips!!! I've heard Loading Bay also serves amazing burgers.

    1. Yes, saw the burgers and they looked divine. Def going to go back to try them out soon x