Essie {summer 12}

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This parcel arrived on my desk this morning and was covered in sea sand, first time in a while that I have felt beachy and summery :) Loved that little touch!

The colours from Essie's summer collection, Bikini so Teeny, are gorgeous this year - although not exactly what I would think of when I think 'summer', but having compared them to the summer fashion palletes, they are pretty amazing and going to look divine together for the coming season.

From left: Bikini so Teeny (a lustrous sky blue), Bottom: Off The Shoulder (a daring scorching pink), Mojito Madness (a fun-loving party lime), Fear or Desire (an obsession worthy bright orange), Cascade Cool (a frosty, shimmery carnation pink) and right: All Tiled Up (a sexy molten bronze)

My favourites have to be the Cascade Cool, Bikini so Teeny and the Fear or Desire. I just love how these colours are playing on the pastels trend by being quite ‘chalky’ but still have that bright summery feel.

In store mid August.
My sandy colours :)

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  1. I cant wait!
    I have been patiently waiting for spring 2012 and summer 2012 collection - none is out in SA stores yet.
    So now im super excited for Aug :)

    1. O yay - I know, love their colours so much :)

  2. Love the Bikini So Teeny - really captures a bright summer's day.

  3. Cool!
    lovely blog you have! :)