My weekend away {Rivierbosch}

Monday, 11 June 2012

I always look so forward to actually getting out of Cape Town for the weekend. As much as I love the dinner parties and drinks that ensue come Friday 5pm, it is such a nice change to escape them once in a while.

I spent this past weekend at a quaint cottage in Stellenbosch called Rivierbosch. It was one of the most incredible weekends – the cottage was cosy, beautiful and everything I had hoped for, and more. We spent the weekend going on walks, reading, lazing in the sun and drinking hot chocolate and G&T’s.

For booking info on Rivierbosch click here. I cannot say enough good things about this place - honestly! Here are a few of my photos from our stay...
The door to our cottage
Our bedroom
The view from the cottage
Arriving back after dinner to underfloor heating - the best!
Lazing in the sun
On our walk
The fireplace 
The Postcard Cafe 
In front of the cottage
Outside the front door
Veranda door
Outside the cottage

All pics my own


  1. Looks too fabulous Tor! Jealous! xx

  2. so beautiful! i love these photo's!! stunning :)

  3. That area is stunning so I am sure you had a great time there. Love the photos you took!

  4. So beautiful and relaxing :)

  5. Gorgeous!! Like a scene out of a fantasy book :)

  6. Looks stunning, I would love to go there as a relaxed get-away weekend.
    What restaurants are in the area?

    1. Loads as it's right near Stellenbosch so very acesable. We also went to the Postcard Cafe which is close by - so pretty

  7. Looks awesome! Anything we can do there with 2 kids?

    1. Yes, so much. There are beautiful walks, loads of friendly animals, a stream - I saw a few kids around and they were in their element