Weekend snaps

Thursday, 17 May 2012

These are a few snap shots from my very busy weekend. I had a dear friend of mine staying with me from Ireland which meant way too much eating and drinking.

Another dear friend who I am a bridesmaid for is here from Zim so we have a girls dinner at my house tonight, I fear this over-eating and over-drinking is here to stay a while.

View from my home
Ridiculously spoilt on Friday by special friends and blog clients!

Anna bought me these from Hong Kong - I am so addicted, and I know lots of you said you were also! Yum

Superette for breakfast :)

Decor shopping

Homemade spag bol with Frankie Fenner lamb mince - delicious
Caprese as starter from Benjamin
Olympia for lunch and hot chocolate!
One of my best places!
Ridiculously delicious seafood pasta and coffee

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