Pretty + Rustic

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

This is a look I love. Pretty being everything vintage, floral, girly and just plain pretty, and then rustic being everything with a bit of age to it (that's not the best description, but anyhoo).

I am seriously not a fan of the good ol' white wash and rustic frames (which I guess is deemed as rustic to some) - people love it, but I just don't for some reason. There is a rustic kind of look that I do love though, and these home get it spot on for me, how beautiful!

Anyone know where I can find mirrors like the above?
Would kill for this dressing table, actually any dressing table - there's nothing quite like this for a girl!

Love this magazine idea. Tried on my bedside table and love it

No rustic here really, but just plain pretty and love it. Not a look I would try in my home, but love certain elements of it (and want that pink bottle!)



  1. Try the second hand stores along Wynberg Main Rd for the mirrors. I saw a few like that when I was looking for a dressing table x

    1. O yay - will go and have a look. Also spotted some just in at Woodstock Vintage so going to go back when they ready xx