Pea, coriander and chilli soup

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I have got very into my soup making this winter, not sure if it’s the new blender or just the simplicity of it!

I know this one looks pretty similar to the one I did a few weeks back (see here), but this is the Pea and Coriander soup. Absolutely deliecious and really affordable ingredients too!


Chicken stock
A handful of coriander
1 bag frozen peas
An assortment of red and green chilli’s (red one’s look pretty)
Creme Fraiche (optional)
Sourdough (optional)
1 Onion chopped
1 clove garlic - crushed


Fry up your onions, garlic and chilli until they are soft and brown. Add one litre of chicken stock and bring to the boil. Add a bag of frozen peas (I used 1 and a half bags as I like a thicker consistency), boil for 10 minutes. Add your bunch of coriander and blend. Voila :)

It really is so delicious and I loved the bite that the chilli added!


  1. I gave this recipe a shot but with veg stock instead, totally overwhelmed the peas :( But looking forward to giving it a second shot soon!