Revlon Treats

Monday, 23 April 2012

Is this not every girls dream to have a hamper like this delivered to your desk?!

I was sent this beautiful hamper a while ago by the lovely girls at Cosmopolitan. They just seem to get what having beautiful nails is all about, so much so that they have created a Pinterest board all about nail art thanks to Hurricane Vanessa’s little nail art obsession. I’m most certainly not complaining.

I have had little time of late to actually produce some successful nail art. I have tried, and failed dismally – but I’m going with the whole 'practise makes perfect' approach, so will be sure to post when I finally crack it. 

In the meantime I have been sporting some pretty colours from Revlon, and become rather addicted to their quick-dry spray. Trust me, every girl needs one of these!

Top left and middle left: Revlon Nail colours, Right: Incoco Nail wraps (and some random, pretty roses)



  1. Lucky girl!! LOVE the glittery silver one! Please let me know what it's called :) Charlene

    1. Hi Charlene, this is from Incoco and it's the nail wraps - available at Dischem stores x

    2. Can't wait to try the wraps! Thx! C