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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Jo Malone are expanding on their, already beautiful, home products which is always exciting news. I love these products (as I have said many times before) and whenever they do re-launch a new and improved version or bring out a new idea it's always so innovative.
My diffuser in Pomegranate Noir

Check out their all-new diffusers. I am just in love. Mine is in my bedroom and has literally spread through my entire home in the nicest most un-invasive way ever. I have the Pomegranate Noir flavour and it is very pretty (and girly). Also love the look of it on my side table! Perfect mother's day gift if you feeling flash (unlike me at the moment)!

Jo Malone diffuser

Jo Malone room spray

Scent Surround Diffusers 165ml R595
Scent Surround Room Sprays 175ml R550


  1. Would definitely like to try the diffuser!! They last for long?
    Tanya xx

    1. I asked and they said they last for about 3 months (I expected longer) but I presume it will last a lot longer than that, you just have to di[ the sticks and turn them upside down every now and again :) It looks so pretty too

  2. Where do you buy Jo Malone in CT?

    1. There is a Jo Malone store at The Waterfront near Willoughby's