Street Style: bright colours

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Adding to my incredibly cluttered desktop, I have my folder of street style pics that I love browsing through and constantly add to. These pics are all so European and just gorgeous, would give anything to raid these ladies wardrobes.

I will be doing occasional street style posts like this from now on where I say very little, and rather focus on the beautiful pictures. I will only be posting a selection at a time but will continue sharing as we go on with each post having a vague theme around the style in each photo.

For those who have been asking, I will definitely be posting pictures of my home soon. I am slowly settling in and getting things in order.



Image source here, here, here


  1. My favourite look is the first one, I just love the pastel colour combination. Every other look has something that I like. Love the orange blazer and tan heels as well as the floral print pants. Olivia Palermo's style is really great. :)

    Pretty blog!

    1. Hi Anneke - thank you :) I agree with you. If only you can steal an item from each person! Love Olivia Palermo's look - she is amazing!