Bathroom DIY'ing

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Last night was spent painting, and if my boyfriend had'nt been there to reign me in, I think my whole house would be pink at this stage. It's quite addictive, and the sad truth about this whole story, is that my biceps are stiff!

A women who is doing some furniture for me came to do measurements the other day and actually mailed me this morning with these pics saying "these remind me of your bathroom", and she was spot on. This is the look I am going for, as I am lucky enough to already have newly tiled black and white checkered tiles in the bathroom. The mirrors that had been attached to the walls (above the basin counter) had horrible silvery frames though, so decided to give them a new coat last night. The colour I went for is a very soft pastel pink from the Plascon doors and trims range, so high gloss too.

The image below does no justice at all, as 1) it is from my Blackberry (fail) and 2) this is after one coat, and we had to do three so very far from what the end looked like, but you get the picture. The frames are going to look great in the room and I will obviously be posting an 'after' pic for you.

Image source here and my own (I'm afriad I dont know where first image 
was from as it was mailed to me, but found this one on Pinterest)


  1. Very nice! I'm moving too! Can't wait. It's so exciting!

  2. So beaut Tori! I'm busy redoing our lounge at the moment too, so your posts are keeping me motivated. It's a lot of work!

  3. @Tanya - good luck with it, its so tiring but well worth it! @Jean,thank you :) I know, my mission is to stay motivated and do, do, do else I get so over it nd it's never done properly.

  4. Can't wait to see the after pic! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for one of those 'versatile blogger awards'. Do with it as you see fit. :)

  5. Hi Susan

    I will postv the after pic soon :) very happy with them. Thank you - that is very kind of you x