Happy Friday

Friday, 20 January 2012

 Happy weekend lovelies...

I am off to Betty's Bay where I plan to make home-made bread, have fish braai's, lie on the beach, read my book and put my feet up. 

As most of you know, I visit this part of the world often and, through a lot of exploring, have found a few real gems - from beautiful french decor shops, linen stores and second-hand book stores to perfect sun downer spots and (the best)  a Portuguese prawn hang-out. This restaurant is pretty much as crusty as it gets when it comes to decor; which incorporates plastic grapes hanging from the roof and soccer jerseys on the wall (need I say more...?), but they really do know how to do a proper Portuguese chicken and prawns.

Have a good one :)

PS Mascara post will be up next week... sorry for the delay

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  1. i love your blog - and have handed you over a Versatile Blogger Award :)