QMS Hydro Foam Mask

Thursday, 8 September 2011

QMS Medicosmetics are fast becoming my most trusted skincare brand. I have been going for facials with Anel, their super-talented skin-care therapist/multi-tasker/wonder-women for a while now, as well as using their products, and I can’t tell you the changes I am starting to see on my skin.
Hydration has always been my main concern, and so it should be for my women, as if this isn’t addressed it can lead to premature aging and deeper wrinkles. The QMS products have really helped my skin to adapt and, along with putting loads of goodness into my skin and *ahem* collagen, I am loving every bit about using the range.
A newer product that I hadn’t tried yet was the QMS Hyrdo Foam Mask (the name sells it already to me). The mask comes out as a thicker foam that applies easily to the skin (you really don’t need to be using lots of this). When applied it isn’t visible at all and can easily be kept on through the night (which I have been doing) as well as under your make-up/over it when you feeling a bit crusty.
QMS Hydro Foam Mask

It smells really fresh and the results are great. My skin has not only appeared much brighter and more radiant (which most hydrating masks tend to do for the next day or two), but I can really see the difference is deeper with QMS (the selling factor to me). When getting out the bath sans-moisturiser or getting home from yoga with a thirsty skin, there are no fine lines and bits of dry skin like usual – the dewy result really lasts.
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