Healthy dinner party recipes

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Healthy being the operative word here ladies, with summer well on it's way (god forbid the bikini season) I decided to steer clear of the usual over-indulgence at my dinner parties and try a healthier/lighter option. You might be thinking my poor guests, but it was pretty tasty, even if I say so myself!
My beautiful roses from Courts and Nix (some of the dinner party guests)

I did roast chickens with ciabatta and then made two salads and a garlic, chives and baby potato dish.

Salad 1: Quinoa and lemon salad
I threw in everything healthy into this salad
Stamp-koring (pearl barley)
red onion
lemon zest
coriander roughly chopped

lemon juice
S & P
Olive Oil

Salad 2: Tomato, peppers and chilli salsa salad
cherry tomatoes quartered
Red and yellow peppers diced
red ionion
plenty of chilli (I love this part)

Red wine vinigar
Olive oil
S & P

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