Friday, 23 September 2011

Have any of you got your hands on a tube of 2LoveMyLips? If not, I have no doubt that you have heard all about it and on your way to your closest Sorbet salon to get a tube?? Hey?

I love their concept – it’s not often that a beauty brand has an underlying motive like this one... 2LoveMyLips is not only a super fab (incredibly nourishing), high gloss product, but it is also a spiked-drink detector (I think I just made that word up, but you know what i mean.)

Not meaning to get all goorey and heavy on you here, but it was just this week that I read an article on News24 about a last responding to a Gumtree job application for ‘Pick ‘n Pay’ – on arrival at the ‘interview’ she was given a glass of water and gang raped and later dies in hospital from wounds. It’s the most awful story, and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.
(k now back to nice pretty Kiss, Blush and Tell thoughts....)

With drink spiking being uh a reality for us young girls (and boys too!) These little spike detectors that come with the product could be your life-saver (seriously). The colours are fun and full of pigment – perfect for the latest bright summer trends from NY Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. I think they are a great idea as a present too and still very affordable at R120. 

Available at Sorbet salons. (2LoveMyLips have a few awesome things in the pipeline too – I look forward to sharing them with you ladies)


  1. What? This is amazing!! Is there an online site where I could get my hands on some in the UK?

  2. Yes it is actually a UK product - http://www.2lovemylips.com/ - they have loads of info on their site plus an online store x

  3. How does it detect if your drink has been spiked? Does it change color?

  4. The gloss doesn't detect this, the strips that accompany the gloss do. So yes, when you put the liquid on the strip it would turn blue if it's been spiked

  5. Wow!! Thanks for this awesome post, gonna tell all my friends about this. :)

  6. My 2Love my Lips gloss arrived yesterday in the post.. and I was quite disappointed that it only came with one drink spike detector(!) Although the product was on a half price offer, so I guess this is understandable. I still feel that with only one drink spike strip the product isn't really worth £9.99. Definitely going to buy the strips on their own next time.

    Check out my review here: http://boscy.blogspot.com/2011/09/2love-my-lips.html

  7. I actually didn't know this, I do know, however that SA 2LoveMyLips come with more strips as it is a problem in this country... That is a been stingy though, sorry x