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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Today's post is a ramble, don't know about you, but I'm all beauty'd out! Even I need a little break every now again from all the glitz and glam of the beauty industry (says me typing with leopard print nails)...

These are just a few things I am loving at the moment (and yes, they are pretty beauty orientated at times I guess)...

First and foremost, my beloved peanut butter cupcakes I baked last week. A quick low-down on the recipe I used:

  • Normal vanilla cupcakes (Google that if you don't know)
  • 2x tubs of cream cheese (full fat is best :) )
  • 3 tbsp WW Crunchy Peanut Butter (there's is my best)
  • 1.2 cups Castor sugar (I am the worst measurer, I just poured, give it a go...)

They were amazingly delish (even if I say so myself...)

Secondly, I have to celebrate my blogs little business cards, that (thanks to my boyfriend) have made me very happy. It's something I never pictured getting, but have learnt very quickly that it is the first thing people swap at blogger events - I was a Bit late to the chase here it seems!

What do you think?
I had a meeting with the lovely ladies from Essie and they gave me a little present - the new wedding collection range 2011. This is Borrowed and Blue from the range - I'm obsessed with it!

Essie, Borrowed and Blue
Most excitingly, I went to a Bobbi event on Saturday where Eduardo (Bobbi Browns right hand man in the US) did my make-up. What a treat! 
I learnt how to do my eyes during the day - something I am useless at - and got to hear the tips from the expert himself. If you have not read about the Bobbi Brown girly eveing I am running, click here to read more :)
I was spoilt by Bobbi Brown - thank you :)
Steering away from beauty, my recipe collection is growing slowly but surely - from the lovely Shiney, Happy People by Neil Roakes, I also got the amazing Gwyneth Paltrow's recipe book from my best friend. Such a treat because I have had my eye on both of these. Marion's book (see below) was obviously a must have, my favourite contestant - this book will appeal to any vaguely girly girl, with a love with thai food. Loving it so far...

My new recipe book (look at her blog here - amazing)
Lastly, meet Charlie (I made that name up, but it suits him I think). Have you ever? 

He is the cat that has been living in my flat's basement for months now. I cat-napped him (and this is coming from an un-cat person). He is the cutest thing, with the best personality - he has already been cleaned by me and now sports a heart ribbon around his neck - poor thing.

Charlie, the new cat
Image source: my own


  1. loving your business cards - such a great idea. i haven't done anything like that yet but you got me thinking....

  2. Such fun, I have so many different ones I want, I feel like making 20 different types :) thanks ladies xxx

  3. Your business cards are AMAZING... so jealous! They are just gorgeous! (original too)

  4. love your pics!x