Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Yes, I have been awfully self-righteous about the fact that I am the only girly blogger in Cape Town that is not in lurrrvve with macaroons - I didn't really get it all. 

I have eaten quite  a few before but always felt rather sick afterwards.I have always agreed that they look beautiful and all, but taste a bit bleh.

Last night, however, I had a vanilla flavoured one that tasted a bit custardy too, I thought I would give them yet another go, and I digress, I think I like macaroons.

That's not to say I lurrvveee them, but it was rather delish - I might just buy some, like a box with all the pretty colours et al.

Why O why have I discovered these the day before spring?!

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  1. I also think they're overrated! Blogged about my macaroon making - they're even more average to make! Such a mission. I dubbed them the Paris H of the bakery... too much fuss and not my taste! haha.

    They do look magnificent though...