Essie: Spring 2011

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

One of my favourite parcels to receive and understandably so... Essie seem to WOW me with every single collection that comes out – and I can’t help myself but tell you all the news straight away (I literally received this about 10 minutes ago!)

This is Essie’s latest spring collection for 2011 – pastels and nudes to-die-for. I can already tell that the Topless and Barefoot is going to be a fave as well as the Nice is Nice...(and I cant get enough of the names :) )
Have any of you tried any of these, if so, which is your best?

There will be more to come when I have had a sec to experiment. I am also off to a Gelish event tonight where we are learning nail art from the queen of nail art herself – a post will follow with the low-down!


  1. I so love Essie, its my fav - its the only nail products I buy/use. I haven't tried the new colours yet but will be off to the shops tomorrow to stock up for spring - hopefully it arrives soon! I am a new follower and would love you to pop over to my site and say hi:) thanks Fiona

  2. I Love them! Going to find them today! Shan x x