Top 5: from Tanya

Friday, 1 July 2011

Today's Top Five is from a Kiss, Blush and Tell reader, the lovely Tanya Slye. These all sound pretty amazing to me, especially keen to try the Estee Lauder spotlight cream - I hear it gives MAC Strobe cream a run for its money?!
Her top 5 products are:

1.) Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream - it's amazing for everything-lips,sores,burns,dry skin, works wonders for dabbing under your eyes after a heavy night out
2.) Estee Lauder, Spotlight Cream - it's a skin tone perfecter-illuminates and gives a gorgeous glow-perfect for days when you want to give your skin a breather from the base
3.) Bio Oil - I use it on my entire body, it's amazing-need I say more?!
4.) Lady Speed Stick - I've tried plenty of under arm products- and this one truly works wonders-use it once in the morning and you're sorted for the entire day!
5.) Body Shop Sleep Mist - its a mist spray you spray on your pillow or night gown-I tried it out about 6 months ago- there are different scents, not sure if its mind over matter but I find it relaxes me and helps me fall asleep, I've got the citrus scent-beautiful and soothing

Thanks Tanya :) 

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  1. I adore your blog! Feel like a kid in a candy store when I come across cool blogs to follow :)

  2. Thanks so much Bobby, great hearing that kind of stuff, I will do my best to keep you entertained :)