My visit to Wild Olive

Friday, 8 July 2011

Paying a visit to Wild Olive is always a treat - how can it not be!? I popped in yesterday and left with a few goodies :)

Their shops are so inviting and between the packaging (all done with more love than you can imagine), the smells and the friendly shop assistants, I tend to leave there wanting everything. (see my post here on other products I love from Wild Olive)

They always give you a little more, for example: yesterday i got a candle, but not only is it a beautiful smelling candle, like theirs always are, but it is made from wax that is compatible with our skin, when i say that i mean that it is the wax that is used in hand creams and various other products - one that is absorbed into our skins and hydrates and softens. 
The candle comes in the most gorgeous hand-made jug with a little lid, this way, when the wax has heated up, you can pour it into your hands and use it as a massage oil or a hand cream/cuticle oil. So innovative and clever, I love it.

I was also spoilt to these gorgeous hand made matching toothbrush holder and soap dish - they go perfectly in my bathroom.

Lastly, I got one of their well known bath oils, half a cap and your skin feels incredible, with the best part being that you don't feel like an oil-slick, rather lightly hydrated. The facial mist is fantastic too - it goes straight over your make-up, hydrates, freshens up and smells amazing!

Wild Olive stores are at The Cape Quarter and Cavendish (soon moving to Wale Street). 
You can 'like' their Facebook page here.


  1. i thought you got a face toner and a face mist, but you have the bath oil... this one is a great one, as you can add to your bath any essential oil combination, and every time a different one if you like!!!!

  2. Yip - I got the bath oil, it was a nice surprise for me too because I love my bath oils! I really am loving it all so much - my bathroom looks so much prettier with the products (and toothbrush holder/soap dish) scattered around :)

  3. my favourite beauty brand ever! i am a rose and geranium fanatic :) xx

  4. I feel like i could smell better if i used these products...

  5. Amazing hey - @michness watch this space, we may be running a giveaway here and there :)

  6. The toothbrush holder and Soap dish are too cute! Definitely want to check out their stores. :)

  7. I LURVE Wild Olive. My fave is definitely the face serum and face mist!! I so need to get me some soap dishes....

  8. thank you to all that commented, as victoria said, stay tuned for nice prizes from wild olive!!! and rush to the shops, while everything is 50% off, and more...!!! i also love the rose absolute face serum... the packaging can be a bit deceiving, you wouldn't think that is such a miraculous potion inside.... the florae on the other hand, is a bit too concentrated. so if you can, blended down with some jojoba oil. you can even go 50-50% if your skin is sensitive. jasmine concrete is very strong, but because i like it, i always use too much of it....and also, it gets stronger with the aging....