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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The next "Top 5" is from a fellow St Anne's lady Andrea Eaton/Clever Bird - and what a treat it is! 

Andrea is a Tweeter (follow her here for some great humour!) and a blogger (Clever Bird Banter) who is living in London at the moment. This is her pick for her Top 5, sounds pretty fab to me :) 

Thanks Andrea - I'm off to buy that nail colour asap, and agree on the YSL, also a fan!

1.) EYES: Yves Saint Laurent Noir Radical Luxurious Mascara - it's a miracle worker, seriously! The best mascara I've had and trust me I'm fussy when it comes to eye make-up. It's not the cheapest but it's so brilliantly black and non-clumpy, and I love how the lid clicks back on to keep the air out - having such a gorgeous YSL product like this makes me feel a tiny bit glamorous, even on an average day.

2.) BODY: DeoDry™ is a unisex product from the Body Shop - their "first dry-effect deodorant with no aluminium salts or parabens" i.e. it doesn't have any of the bad stuff that you find in other deodorants/antiperspirants - it's basically a unique blend of volcanic mineral and essential oils in three different 'flavours', and it minimises white marks - a winner in my eyes! As with all other Body Shop products it's not tested on animals.

3.) SKIN: My daily skincare routine begins with applying Clarins Daily Energiser Wake-Up Booster directly to my skin with cotton wool, followed by my daytime moisturiser. I bought this 6 months ago when we got stranded in Amsterdam (hate snow!) on our way back to SA for Christmas last year - I was super frustrated and felt like burning some plastic so treated myself to a Clarins product (something I wouldnt normally buy because of cost) but my mom had been going on about how nice it was and I was buying some stuff for her too, so I thought "hey, why not". A 125ml bottle has lasted me since then (and I literally use it every day) - it might be psychological, but I definitely think it 'wakes me up' - it's super refreshing and at the same time, it doesn't leave that sticky feeling you sometimes get after using other lotions, serums, creams etc.

4.) NAILS: Love, love, love (!) this barely-there Beige (No.365) Nail Polish from Rimmel - lasts for days and has an awesome 'fat' brush that makes painting a lot easier. Goes with everything, great colour!

5.) HAIR: My hair is my 'thing' - if my hair feels horrible, I feel horrible. I hate the feel of product residue in my hair once it has supposedly been cleaned and conditioned, but I also need something rich and nourishing because my hair is highlighted... Enter: L'Oreal Elvive Nourish & Shimmer Shampoo and Conditioner for Highlights - I've been using this for a couple of years now and I don't think I will be looking back any time soon! I know the Pro's say that you should mix it up and use new products every now and then so that your hair doesn't get used to one product, but I reckon - if it works, stick with it!

If you are interested in sharing your top five products please e-mail me here, you dont have to be a Tweeter or a blogger - I want to hear from my lovely readers too please :)

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  1. Thanks Andrea - you have made me want to buy every one of these products. The Clarins one sounds amazinf. Thanks a lot :) x