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Friday, 6 May 2011

Please excuse the average picture quality in this post (thank the i-pad), but at least you get the idea. 

These are a few photos I took at Decorex that happened this last weekend at the ICC in Cape Town.

As always with big expo's like that, there is some awesome stuff and some not-so-awesome stuff. 
So let's focus on the awesome stuff, the not-so-awesome stuff included velvety looking tassly rugs that were multi-coloured, super-modern, ridiculous looking chairs and some fake fire places - not interested?? Good.

About the awesome stuff then, the Bos stand was something to write home about. The stand included a variety of different little stalls but just looked amazingly intriguing, colourful and inviting! 
Amoungst the gorgeous space was a stand that caught my eye called The Farmer's Daughter (see photo below of a glimse into the amazing stuff she has). The stand was full of handmade gems and is based in Stellenbosch - i cannot wait to make a trip through to check it out and will definitely post more when I do - follow her on Twitter here :)

The Farmer's Daughter
Bos stand
Another pretty stand with a beautiful bookcase

Loved this table and some of the vases

The Power & The Glory (The Black Ram bar)

The Power & The Glory
And then finally, and really randomly, I am throwing in a picture of The Power and The Glory, by far my favourite place in Cape Town at the moment. I am becoming far too addicted to their danish hot-dogs (give them a try and you won't judge me) and a glass of The Alphabetical wine. If you havent had a glass of this (and seen their amazing packagaing) then do that too... 
And on top of all of that rambling, i love this display area they have in P&G - the light, the pinboard and my favourite flowers (proteas) - it just looks cool.

The Alphabetical Wine

Power & Glory Images from I Love Coffee, the rest my own

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