My not-so-super new YSL mascara

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I purchased this in duty-free on the way home from Thailand. The adverts were everywhere in all the stores and I've always heard great things about YSL mascaras. I have a firm favourite being the Estee lauder Sumptuous mascara, but I am always open to trying new products. At R300 a hit you kind of expect excellence, well I do.

Don't get me wrong, its not complete and utter crap by any means, but it does not live up to the expectation, and certainly not the price. By mid-day it's either above my eye or below, leaving me looking slightly worse for wear - and then removing it in the bath/shower is a mission all on it's own!
Nothing, I mean nothing removes this stuff (and i didn't get the waterproof one!) I have resorted to using really strong astringents (I refuse to tell as it going against everything I preach on my blog, but seriously can't be doing the Black Swan look...)

It's a pity, because i feel quite fancy with such gorgeous packaging, however I don't think i will be buying this again, or any YSL mascara for that matter. Back onto my old faithful Estee Lauder after this one is done.
What is your favourite mascara???

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