This is all I feel like doing...

Sunday, 12 December 2010

...But we have guests :/

I am in one of those lazy, hibernating moods. One that is often induced by rainy, wintery weather. And yes, if thats what you wandering, Natal is MISERABLE! Constant rain, mist and humidity - therefore I do think I deserve my two favourite treats from London and a comfortable sofa!

I am not a doughnut fan, and never have been. They remind of boarding school 'treats', however these cannot be described as doughnuts. They are incredible.

If you haven't tasted Ben & Jerry's you, unfortunately, have not lived.

Instead I will be sitting around a dining room table making polite conversation and being told how I've grown up so quickly. Well no, I haven't really, just that you last saw me when I was 10...

Kirstenbosch, I want to be there now.

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