Shoes Glorious Shoes...

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Just a few pairs of shoes that I'm loving at the moment... These amazing high tops are from Jimmy Choo and are brand new in his collection - love the suede part of them - not such a huge fan of the shiny pleather look but I could look past that!

Been lusting after these Hunter "wellingtons" (as they call them) for a while, but can't think of where I would actually wear them other than camping - which I don't ever do...

These are possibly THE most gorgeous pair of heels I have EVER seen and i want them now!!!

And last but not least these gorgeous brogues... have a pair that are a darker brown that I have worn non-stop through winter and summer so think another pair would so me some good. Locally I have seen some good deals at Zoom in the "Daniella" section - so think I might indulge in a pair of these - they really not badly priced at R495 and come in maroon, black and navy. Love the maroon but will probably get more use out of the black.

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